We are a real estate investment management firm.

We focus our expertise on two activities:

      We provide hard money loans and other private funding to active Cincinnati area real estate investors who need fast, no hassle short-term financing and bridge loans for their projects.

      We offer low-risk, high-reward real estate and private investment opportunities, such as partnerships, hedge funds or private placement memorandums to sophisticated high net-worth investors regionally and nationally.

Founded in 2009, KM Capital Management LLC specializes in opportunistic and value-added residential, multifamily and mixed use real estate projects in the Midwestern United States. Our leadership team has significant experience in the acquisition and repositioning of existing projects, as well as the financial and legal structuring of transactions to maximize returns while mitigating risks for investors. Since 2000, KM Capital’s principals have closed on more than 400 residential real estate projects nationwide.

What we have to offer:

●      Hard Money Loans

●      Bridge Loans

●      Transactional Financing

●      Liquidation of Assets

●      Sale of Distressed Real Estate (Foreclosures, Short Sales)

●      Sale of Non-Distressed Real Estate


●      Principal

●      Partnerships

●      Hedge Funds

●      Private Placement Memorandums